The peace is in your heart

If you cannot make own heart in a peace, you will not continue to live in quiet mode, and you cannot accomplish anything. First, let me translate a poem about Qu Yuan, a greatest poet of ancient China. 为了走到这里,我已用去 很多种开始。无论起点还是终点,都只是一座桥的两端,错乱的纹理纠结在掌心。一个下午或靠近黄昏,云急速地聚拢,将人类困在城市。我用阳光擦洗眼睛,在一段流水中辨认失散多年的兄弟,树上披满绿色的毛发,看不清他们的表情,藏于右肩的黑痣隐隐作痛。一颗石头从水底爬起,朝天空张大嘴巴,疯狂地喘息,焰火堵在喉咙之下,灼烧废弃的时间,沿无人处流放。 二掏空的瞬间足以容纳世界,水做的花瓣簇拥而来,拍打着陌生的旋律,新娘缀满无名的水草,凌波微步,为了一场偶然的相遇。篱笆插遍了夹岸,阳光不再可信,所有窗户已经关闭,没有一滴消息能抵达这里,四周生长着坚硬的悼词。我不禁发笑,用无语鄙视他们关切的面孔,贩卖廉价的同情。对于死亡我一直讳莫如深,今天就用它闭关、打坐、提炼寒冷——为人类送行。直至水面漂着被吸干的骨头,然后挤进一段臃肿的函道,从此河水波澜不惊。 三 夜和它的水草绞在一起,淤泥铺成的床褥安放我最后的信任。航船顶着白色的旗幡逆流而行,当经过身旁时,马达哒哒,溅起的水花像一篇祭文,上面誊着我读不懂的诡秘,纠纷落叶被反复卷起,放不下的慌恐。我躺在这里,四肢向远处摊开,青筋浮出脸上,隆起的白色毛巾棱角分明。除了一群多情的苍蝇,衣裳已被隐藏,人们不会找到这里,我将接受火,来为一缕青烟立传,或者不知所终。 In order to come here, I have used many kinds of beginning. …

Social Media: The phone keeps you from looking up to the sky Disclosure from the horses mouth!!!

Originally posted on ukgovernmentwatch: There was a reason why Steve Jobs was anti-Social Media. GW: Well if they are talking about Twatter – some stupid programmer has just altered the platform & probably ruined it completely by trying to put more adds on & loads of ”Heh follow this” lists so we can no…

Not Just “Shelling Peas and Pain”: Standing Up for Women’s Writing

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By Elisabeth Hanscombe People in relationships can at times feel stifled and the burden of responsibility they have towards their partner can feel onerous. From time to time they might wish they were free again and single like their friends who live alone, or at least outside the…

If some men were sentenced to hear their own sermons, it would be a righteous judgement upon them, and they would soon cry out with Cain, “My punishment is greater than I can bear.”—C.H. Spurgeon

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Philosophy blog updates…

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Plato’s epistemology: Plato’s Ion ~ Of art and divine inspiration: The Greek Sophists: Feel free to follow the philosophy blog:

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