Not Just “Shelling Peas and Pain”: Standing Up for Women’s Writing

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HanscombeBy Elisabeth Hanscombe

People in relationships can at times feel stifled and the burden of responsibility they have towards their partner can feel onerous. From time to time they might wish they were free again and single like their friends who live alone, or at least outside the bonds of relationship. They imagine the single people are having a much better time.

Single people, on the other hand, can at times long for the marriages and committed partnerships they see around them, envy the state of always having companionship on tap, knowing there’s someone whose voice will lighten when you call and they first hear your voice.

It seems that the single among us long for the constraints of relationship and the ones in relationships long to be free.

So, it is for fiction writers whose imaginations imply a freedom that non-fiction writers are never fully allowed, as we must…

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