Only In Prison, by Archie Wilder

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Inmate Blogger

Its things that happen everyday in prison that people in society would not believe.Prison is a world of it’s own. Some of the things I’m going to tell you will probably shock you. But just imagine being a sane person and having to deal with this daily for multiple years. I have met a lot of intelligent people over the years in prison. So it has nothing to do with intelligence. What it has to do with is a persons morals and values.Time and the influence of this environment can play on the mental psyche. One of the most funniest to me is this one,you have inmates who steal out of the kitchen, or who steal extra trays.And they really believe that its going to hurt the state.They say things like,”I’m going to take all I can from the state to hurt their pockets”.And its the funniest thing ever. Because…

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